Quickly, quickly.

Being sick for most of a week has netted me a finished Christmas project, roughly one third of a sweater, a little more than half a sock, and about an ounce and a half of handspun Corriedale singles.  Not too shabby.  It would all be more exciting to report if the battery in my camera wasn’t dead.

The sweater actually appears to fit and be wearable, though I suspect that my row gauge issues led me to make the waist decreases about two inches higher than they really needed to be.  Its really hard to tell, with the way the edge curls up.  Sometimes, when I try to hold it in place, it seems like they are just right.  Other times, not so much.  I’m crossing my fingers and knitting on.

The sock is made from Three Irish Girls Beckon Stretch Merino, and there is a very real possibility that I enjoy knitting with it even more than with Sanguine Gryphon’s Eidos, and that’s saying something.  (That could just be because following up silk garden with anything that has even a little stretch would make me swoon, and this yarn is seriously, seriously stretchy.)   I’m working with the Arctic Circle colorway, which I have loved since I got it, and was thrilled with the way the yarn made thin dainty little stripes up the foot.  I’m doing contrasting heels and toes (black), and while I managed to execute a respectable short row heel (I still hate doing them), I didn’t manage to join the colored yarn quite as cleverly as I did after the toes, and now my dainty stripes have turned into thicker spirals and I don’t love them quite as much.  I don’t have them enough to start over, though.

I’m feeling progressively more human (even though I got zero hours of sleep last night), which is a good thing, since I’m faced with two full days of work and a busy Sunday.


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