WIP: Opulent Raglan

I always thought that opulent was spelled with an a and not an e. By the time I’m finished knitting this sweater, maybe I’ll have learned to spell it properly, and won’t have to correct myself every time I type it. I’m only this far along, so I have plenty of time to re-educate myself.

The magazine (Knitscene, Fall 2008) is open to the pattern, so you can see what the final outcome is supposed to be. I say supposed to be and not going to be because, well, sometimes the yarn just doesn’t do what I want.  (Also please note the Knit Witch yarn bowl, a bday gift from my MIL.)

By the time I was finished knitting the Turn a Square hat, I had decided that I absolutely had to have a sweater made from Berocco Ultra Alpaca, and the gift certificate that my BIL and fiance gave me for my birthday was just enough to buy a sweater’s worth. I had every intention of making February Lady, but in the end, I decided I wanted a sweater that could stand alone, and that didn’t hang off my torso, so that I could wear it to work and not have to take it off and on all day while I massage. The fate of the bell sleeves is still in question. I love them, but they would put the sweater right out of the running for work clothes, so I have to decide how much I care.

I had to go down to a size 5 needle to get stitch gauge (How is it possible that I am knitting worsted weight yarn on 5s?) and that means that my row gauge is pretty significantly off. I’m pretty terrified by that, but I’m hoping that the fact that the pattern is top-down will allow me to adjust as I go. In the interest of fairness, I only just realized last night that I should be adjusting from the beginning and not just thinking I could add some inches to the bottom, and quite possibly I should have been adding rows before now.

Its going to be an adventure.


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