A few things.

I’m supposed to be getting ready for my Yule party tonight.  I still need to make a shopping list, go shopping, bake, clean the house and set up.  Oh, and finish the Malabrigo ear warmer that I cleverly decided to cast on Thursday night and mean to give as a gift tonight.  (Stop laughing.  It will get done.  Blocked?  Not so much.)   So naturally, I am making a blog post to let you know that I am still knitting along and that I still can’t show you most of what I am doing.  What I can tell you is that I have been working on so much so quickly that my right arm (the “throwing” one) is so sore I could barely life the kettle to boil water for coffee this morning.  I have got to start knitting continental.

So, in the spirit of wasting time as efficiently as possible, a list.

1. It is snowing on WordPress’ front page and I don’t know how I feel about that.

2. I’m pondering The Loopy Ewe’s sock club, and am really curious about the yarns that have been sent over the past year, but my Ravelry-fu is failing me and I can’t figure out how to search for stash that was part of the club.  I suspect there really isn’t a way to get that detailed yet, since the query would have to dig into the stash notes and not just the tags and titles in a lot of cases.  Was anyone a member?  Can you enlighten me?

3. Since I can’t share pictures of any new knitting, I will give you some pictures that have been sitting in my Flickr for a week.

I am still just about this far on my sweater:

And this sock is totally finished.  Its made to fit a size 8 foot, and I’m still debating whether its really going to the person I had decided it was meant for.  Its a little too big for me, but the ^%&#* short row heel is a little wonky, and I’m not sure I can pass that along to someone who doesn’t understand how those things go.

4. I’m probably going to get tarred and feathered for this, but I’m not sure I get all the fuss over Malabrigo.  It is really, really soft and squishy and cuddly, but honestly?  I’m enjoying Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock better.  I think maybe Malabrigo isn’t sproingy enough for me.  Or something.  Is it really just the softness that people go gaga over?  Or maybe the fact that it is so soft and also not very expensive.  Help me understand?

5. I’m done to nine hours.  This is really not the list I should be working on.


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