Lists give me the illusion of control.

Things are a little chaotic, but they always are and I’m not even going to try to play catch-up.  I have a toothache that goes to 11 (actually, its an 8) and a million things that I’m procrastinating about, so have a list.

1. Jason and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Friday.  We’re going to Cancun and staying here and I am really, really excited.

2. My brother and SIL are expecting another baby, and this time they were nice enough to make me a niece to knit darling, frilly things for.  I just finished her baby blanket and will bring it to the hospital when she arrives on Wednesday.  I want it to be a surprise for them, so I’m only sharing a tiny preview.

It is (in my completely biased opinion) wonderful and perfect, and, I think, the exact right balance between classic, elegant and functional.

3. I’ve knit lots of other things, and even taken pictures of a few.  (I kind of hate how Flickr has changed their system so that its so bloody hard to link to photos.   Why do sites insist on changing things that aren’t broken?  I’m looking at you, too, Gmail.)

There’s a laceweight alpaca shawl designed by my friend Trisha.

There’s also a sock designed by my friend Allison.  Its just the one, for now.  The second one is coming.  Eventually.  Probably.

4. I got an email today from Marie at Underground Crafter.  Among other things, she mentioned that she read about my Physical Wellness for Handcrafters classes in Yarn Market News.  I had no idea, so I was super grateful that she pointed it out!  I checked it out, and sure enough, the May issue has a blurb about how The Yarn Spot has been working with me to offer seated massage and self care classes, both geared towards knitters.  Hooray for nice surprises, and for feeling a tiny bit famous!

5. Kombucha brewing continues.  I’ve been through three or four batches now, and Sammy the SCOBY has grown from a thin, yeasty little guy to a Serious Business kombucha culture.

This is what he looked like when I started my first batch of tea.

And this is what he looks like now.

Actually, this is more like Sam IV, since its one if the babies that grew on top of Sammy as the fermentation process went on, but I still think its super cool to see how the SCOBYs are changing from batch to batch.  Each one has been a little less yeasty and a little more opaque.


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