Turning Things Into Other Things

Thing the first:

A week or so ago, I turned this (4 oz of 80/20 BFL & Silk top from the Pulling at Strings fiber club)……….


Into this………


Its about 250 yards of sort of unevenly spun, reasonably balanced yarn that is soft and yummy and drapey, and I don’t actually love the way the colors plied together.  The fiber, though, was wonderful–I think BFL/Silk is a new favorite.


Thing the second:

Today, I spent some time playing mad scientist in the kitchen.  Over the next few weeks, this (two bags of Tazo’s Joy tea steeping in two cups of water with a bit of sugar, that will be mixed with a bottle of plain, raw Kombucha)……….

will (hopefully), grow a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, also known as a Kombucha “mother”) so that I can brew the stuff on my own and stop spending nearly $4 a bottle at Whole Foods.  As I understand it, the little bits of culture living in the bottled Kombucha will feast on the sugar in the tea that I made, and when I uncover the bowl in two weeks, instead of the wee amoeba-looking thing that was in there when I covered it up (visible here towards the top right)

I’ll find a big pancake-looking culture that I can transplant into a jar of sweet tea.  They’ll ferment together for awhile, and in about a month, I should have a drinkable batch going.  I’ve made home-brewed Kombucha before, but I’ve never tried growing a fresh SCOBY from scratch.  Whether it works or not, I’m excited to see what happens!


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