Yes, Virginia….

A week ago, I finished all of the Christmas knitting I had planned for the year.  I was done.  Finis. But then, there was a whole week left, and a half a skein of handspun yarn left over from a cowl, and apparently I couldn’t stand the thought of not knitting right up until the bitter end.  The next thing I knew, I found myself saying to a friend, “I bet I still have time to knit a hat,” and they were saying, “I bet you can!” and so I cast on.  I’m knitting top down because I didn’t want to have to worry about gauge, and it was a much better plan before I realized that I wasn’t sure when I was supposed to stop increasing and just start knitting straight down.  It seems like it should be obvious if you just try it on, but the details of hats and ease escape me.  (If you don’t knit, ignore those last two sentences.)  I think I have it sorted, and despite having almost no time at all to work on it this week, I’ve found myself at the bottom ribbing, which means I only have two more inches to go and probably I won’t have to wrap up a hat that’s still on the needles.

Given that, I should probably not be typing.  Here.  You read.  I’ll knit.  Happy Christmas!

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