WIP: Christmas

We have a Christmas tree:

And last night, there were 30 people in our house for a Yule party.  (I know.  We’re a few days early.)  You might think that means that I have a big house, but no.  One bedroom condo.  I think its wonderful.  I’ve been hosting a party for Yule every year (except one, and that year felt all wrong) of my adult life, in some form or fashion, and its one of my favorite nights of the year.  I love cooking for friends, I love the energy that having so many people eating and drinking and laughing brings to a home, and I love having a chance to see most of my favorite people all in the same place at the same time.  This year, Jason and I fixed a ham (we’ve done that a few times, and it makes me really happy to make the ham that never seems to turn up at Christmas anymore) and wassail (which dates back to my very firs Yule party and is absolutely a mandatory thing to have) and the dining room table was full of noshy food. There was, as has become Yule party tradition, limited edition Jones Soda for tasting.  This year’s flavor was….bacon.  Yup.  Bacon soda.  All that I can say is that it tasted like carbonated bacon and also a little like anger and despair.  It wasn’t as vile as the brussels sprout flavored soda we had several years ago, but as far as I’m concerned, it was at least as bad as the roast turkey.

There were babies this year, which confirms the fact that I am getting a little bit old, and Reindeer Roulette with some really great gifts for stealing. I think that the Reindeer Roulette gifts this year go a long way towards proving that my friends are really awesome people.  There were games, including Zombie Dice and Pocket Mr. Jack, both of which were stolen the maximum of three times (and now live respectively with Fil and I), there were Star Wars t-shirts, there was wine and coffee and y’all?  There was a Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  It lives with Andrew and Meghan now, after a seriously cunning and maybe a little underhanded tactical two-part steal.

And, there are no real pictures because two friends with badass cameras and rockstar photography skills seemed to be on safari in the house all night, and I’m trusting them to Flickr some pictures when they’re ready.

There has been Christmas knitting, most of which I can’t show because….well, spoilers.  But I can tell you that I spun yarn to make a hat for my nephew.

And I can promise to post a parade of Christmas FOs after the 25th.  For now, there is more baking to be done.  Next up, vegan banana bread……..

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