I Can’t Be the Only Knitter…

…who has conversations with themselves on a regular basis that go something like this:
Me, having spotted lovely new yarn: Holy woah, look at that yarn.  It wants to come live with me.

Here we go……

Me: I’ve been looking for just that color.  And that color in that weight on that fiber?  I. need. it.

Self: Seriously?  I’m going to get coffee while you work through this.

Me: It would make the perfect Featherweight Cardigan.  I’ve been wanting to make that sweater since I first saw it.

Self, muttering from the kitchen: A stockinette sweater in laceweight?  After all the complaining you’ve done about knitting alpaca dk on size 3s?  *That’s* the sweater you want?

Me: It would hold up so well, and its just the right color.  It would match everything I own.  I would wear it every day.  It would only take two skeins.  I really, really need that yarn.

Self: You know the needles you need are in another sweater–one that would also match everything you own.  You wanted to have it…last winter.  Maybe you could finish it by this winter, if you actually worked on it once in awhile.

Me: I could totally afford two skeins right now.  I think. Probably.  That sweater would totally be worth it.

Self, returning with coffee and eyeing the WIPs basket full of a sweater, a vest, two pairs of socks, a shawlette and a pair of mitts: ………

Me, gazing longingly at the picture of the yarn: …….

Self: Didn’t you just buy enough yarn to make a sweater? Its yummy and alpaca and silk.  And don’t you have the yarn for two *other* sweaters in your closet?  When do you think you’re going to make the Featherweight?

Me: Well.  Eventually. I’ll get to it.  If I had the yarn, I could knit it soon.

Self: Soon.  You say that a lot.  I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

Me: But I would knit it soon.  Its a summer sweater.  I’d knit it as soon as I got the yarn.

Self: Liar.  Liar, liar, pants on fire.  Besides.  You already decided you weren’t spending any more money on yarn.

Me: But that was before I found this yarn.  This yarn is worth buying.

Self: Sure. Its great yarn.  It’ll still be great yarn when you’re ready to start knitting that sweater.  Where, exactly, do you think its going to go between now and then?

Me: Well.  Um.  That is….

Self: That’s what I thought.  Knit what you have, and order the yarn when you’re ready to use it.

Me: But I want it now!  It will make me happy!

Self: Yeah, for two seconds after you open it, until you realize that you’re out of room to store yarn and were high on wool fumes when you thought you were going to knit it up right away.

Me: …..

Self: Close the window.  Walk away.  Go pet some cashmere.  It’ll be okay.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    May 30, 2010 @ 02:09:33

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one.


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