Snow and wool.

In the DC area, it has been snowing.

It started on Friday.  The school closed for the afternoon, so I was home, watching it fall.  It snowed all night and all day Saturday, piling up until about 5:30 in the evening.

We were lucky enough to keep our power through the whole storm (save for a 5 minute outage not an hour after it started that resulted in half my hall standing outside their doors talking about how it didn’t bode well), and so I watched bad TV and movies, followed the Twitter feeds, and knit.

I finished the lower body of my Coraline sweater, and started on a sleeve.

I finished knitting a hat form handspun yarn that has been on the needles for a year.  I am not kidding.  I started it last February.

I played with Georgia Peach and started a sweater for some friends who are kind enough to be making me a girl-baby to knit for.

I read a chuck of In Defense of Food, which is kind of mind blowing, and made a big pot of lentil soup, and around 3:00 on Saturday, while it was still snowing, Jason and I went out to try to dig out the car.  it. Was. Buried.

Yesterday, we ventured into downtown Silver Spring to survey the damage and pick up groceries.  Its a good thing that we did, because another foot or so of snow is forecast for tomorrow afternoon and in to Wednesday.  Things were open, but the streets were covered in snow and slush, and mountains of snow were piled on all the corners.

Jason took some great pictures, both of the aftermath Saturday and of DTSS yesterday, but Flickr won’t let me embed them here.  Go take a look.  They’re pretty wild, at least for the Mid-Atlantic area.

Today, the schools are closed, the government is closed, and the metro isn’t running above ground.  I stayed home, though the spa is open, because I’m a wuss and was too nervous about driving so far in my wimpy little car.  The sidewalks are still treacherous, and I have no idea what we’re going to do with the snow that will pile up tomorrow, nor am I looking forward to driving to work in the morning or, potentially, on Wednesday.  I know that people travel in worse weather than this all the time, but I’m not used to it, and I never learned how to handle a vehicle in the snow.

I would prefer to sit tight, and try to figure out what my project is going to be for the Ravelympics.  I have my yarn picked out.  Sharon dyed some custom yarn for the 3IG team, inspired by a photo of a big, wooly sheep.

I think it wants to be socks.  I even know which socks it wants to be: Portland Gussets, by Yarnissma, a picture of which evidently exists nowhere besides on the pdf pattern.  The trouble is that I evidently really want to knit a shawlette.  I keep going back to single skein shawl patterns, thinking of how nice it would be to knit one…but I can’t find one that I’d like to see knit in that particular yarn.  Indecisive to the bitter end.  Sigh.


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