After all sorts of frustration, I broke down and bought a new needle and was able to start my Coraline sweater.  Right now, it looks like a whole lot of nothing:

It was kind of exciting at first.  The alpaca silk was soft and lovely, and it began with a provisional cast on that very cleverly created a hem when it was pulled out and the live stitches worked with the current stitches.  (The live stitches just hanging there all nakedlike freaked me out a little, and it felt like hard core knitting.)  Slipping the first three stitches of every row also seems very clever, and makes a nice, clean edging that reminds me of icord.

Since then, the novelty has started to wear off.  The yarn is splitty.  Really splitty.  What that means is that even though I’m at the point in the pattern that says something like, “Knit in stocking stitch forever,” I have to actually pay attention to what I’m doing.  If I just mindlessly knit, I’m certain to split a stitch in half, or at least catch a few fibers that I wasn’t meant to.  Also, all the purling is slooooow.  The whole thing is slow, really.  I’m not sure why I expected differently from a sweater knit across 200ish stitches on 3 mm needles.

Needless to say, I’m not loving the actual knitting right now, but I’m still super excited to have the finished project.  Now if I can just finish it before the weather warms up again……


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