A Year In FOs: The 2009 Edition

A year ago, I sorted through all my FOs (thanks, Ravelry!) and looked over what I had finished in a year.  There were 18 finished projects, and I said that this year I was going to complete 20.  I forgot all about that goal until I went back to look at last years post.  I really had no idea whether or not I had met it, and rather thought I hadn’t.  Turns out, I did.  Look–my full grid of twenty projects!

1. 9/365: (FO) Koolhaas, 2. 16/365: Finally!, 3. FO: Mittens, 4. Mismatched, 5. FO: Opulent Raglan, 6. FO: Barrow, 7. Waterfall, 8. FO: A Scarf for Ariel, 9. Baby Sweater, 10. FO: Ulmus, 11. FO: Striped Socks, 12. FO: Bellatrix, 13. FO: Transatlantic Socks, 14. FO: Aiden Socks, 15. FO: Multnomah, 16. Charade, 17. FO: Mystery Socks 2009, 18. FO: Botanic Hat, 19. FO: Katinka, 20. Christmas Sweater

That doesn’t count the small projects I knit, like dishclothes, single blanket squares, and chapstick holders.  And, in addition to the knitting, I spun up about 8 ounces of some pretty decent yarn.

Some Falklands, dyed by A Verb For Keeping Warm in a color that my camera never did capture correctly called The Silent Undergrowth:

And some bright and happy (superwash?) merino from Yarn Love in a colorway called Maiden.  I love it.

I did some pretty cool knitting things this year.  I knit at a pub in Dublin and at the Colosseum.  I made my first and second sweater (then proceeded to screw up half of a third).  I learned how not to purl yarn overs, how to knit socks from the toe up and that I hate no-wrap short row heels moderately less than the “normal” sort.  I made my first and second shawls, one of which was a receiving blanket for my first nephew that became a swaddling blanket until he outgrew it.  I tried colorwork for the first time.  For the second year, I had great fun with my friends in the Three Irish Girls’ yarn clubs, and got to host a meetup for some club members and Sharon, and had lovely women come from much, much further than I expected.

This year, I want to knit at least two more sweaters and shawls, work through some of my sock yarn stash, avoid the lure of weaving, and actually spend enough time spinning to be able to be the boss of my fiber, rather than just letting it do what it seems to want.  (Although, I do rather enjoy that zen approach to knitting.)

I also made one of those 101 things in 1001 days lists.  Because I like lists a little more than I should.  Has anyone else made one?  Even if I never get through it, it was a lot of fun to think about.

Happy New Year!


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