In No Particular Order:

1.  I finished some socks a week or so ago, and was able to cross something off of my holiday goals list, except that the socks turned out smaller than I had intended and will really only fit me.  I’m pretty much okay with that because I really, really love them.

The pattern is Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2009, and the yarn is some old club yarn from Three Irish Girls–Baltic Sea on the “vintage” Adorn base.  I knit them on square dpns, which I have decided I am awfully fond of, and I need to get more.

2. I have been working my way, however slowly, through the Couch to 5k running program.  Today began my 6th week but I am still stuck on the third week’s workout because I can’t seem to run for a full three minutes more than once in a half hour, and I think its a bad idea to move on to trying to run 5 until I can make it through three without needing to walk.  That part is frustrating, but it is pretty great to be outside and seeing things like this:

(Mid-afternoon on Sligo Creek trail, near Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring)

And this:

(Early morning on the back roads near my parent’s house on Maryland’s eastern shore.)

3. I cannot possibly knit fast enough to keep up with everything I want to make and everything I hope to finish for the holidays.  I have a handspun hat and a pair of socks on the needles that are meant to be gifts, and I am test-knitting a pattern for Kirstin at Through the Loops.  I’m  super honored to be allowed to do that, and the pattern is fascinating to watch work up, but holy wow is it requiring some attention on my part.  There are no pictures of any of that just yet.  You’ll just have to take my word that it is happening.

4. I spent several days in the Chicago area visiting Christine (who I haven’t seen since January and that is way too long) and her boyfriend Jason, who is just as great as she is.

5. We spent a little time in the city, mostly at the art museum, and then explored Naper Settlement, which is a replica of a 19th century village.  Since we were there off-season, it was pretty much closed, but it was still a lot of fun to poke around.

The mansion and its carriage house were the only buildings original to the property:

But several other buildings were historic buildings that had been relocated or reconstructed on site.

We also visited the zoo with Jason’s son, who I’m pretty sure was twice as big as the last time I saw him, but just as delicious.  The weather could not have been more perfect, which has kind of been The Thing for the past several days.  Their zoo has not one, but two kinds of bats and the gorillas actually look happy (They snuggled! And one had a blankie!) which, in my opinion, makes it far superior to the Nation Zoo here in DC.  I took lots of pictures at the zoo but may camera’s battery was dying a slow death, so they pretty much all turned out blurry.

6. Now I am home, making myself late by sitting here and typing when I should be getting ready to leave.


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