Bad Blogger

Its really hard to blog when you can’t take pictures of your knitting, and that’s the only sort of knitting I seem to be doing lately.

Most of my time has been spent working pretty monogamously on a secret project for Sharon at Three Irish Girls. I have no idea what she is up to, but she asked a number of knitters from her Ravelry group to make some projects for her in a number of categories. Everyone chose a pattern and was sent yarn in secret, and there has been a flurry of activity on the group as everyone tries to finish their projects under a deadline. I hadn’t realized what a resource that group was to me until I couldn’t go to them to ask specific questions about my project when I got stuck. My project went in to the mail yesterday and the deadline is the 23rd, so hoperfully the project (and Sharon’s master plan) will be revealed soon.

My traveling project has been a shawlette (though I did cast on for a pair of simple socks when I reached the shawl’s lace edging and the thing became unwieldy) knit in some squishy merino/silk yarn form Woolarina. Its nearly finished, but the longest size 3 needle I had was only 32″, and at this point, the stitches are so crammed onto the cable that it only looks like a big blob of fabric. Given that, there’s no real point in trying to photograph it.

Instead, I have pretty pictures of other things. Jason and I went to Maine last weekend to celebrate his cousin Katie’s wedding. We stayed in Boothbay, a little fishing village that was just darling. Jason made all the plans, so I was floored when I got to the hotel and found a balcony that looked out onto this:

The wedding itself was on Burnt Island, which sits in Boothbay Harbor and has an old lighthouse and keeper’s house (that I wanted to live in).

Both the location and the ceremony were beautiful, Katie and Jesse couldn’t have been a cuter couple, and every detail of the wedding was so obviously them.

Its pretty important that we go back to Maine in February when there are six feet of snow on the ground and it is -43274684758 degrees because before the ceremony even started, I was texting Liz asking if she and her sweetie would move to Maine is Jason and I did, so that she and I could have an alpaca farm. I was pretty serious about the idea, but I suspect that seeing a Maine winter would change my mind quick, fast and in a hurry. I’m still not on board with winter in D.C.


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