Christmas Knitting the First

This is either a very good sign, in that I am way, way ahead of the curve or a very bad sign in that I am going to get cocky about being ahead of the curve, feel like I have more leeway than I do, and wind up putting things off in the last minute.  Either way, I have finished the first object for the Christmas knitting pile.

Yarn: Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering in Aiden

Needles :US1, two circs

These need blocking or at least a good soak and are a few sizes too big for me.  They took about two and a half months to knit, but that’s because they were my travel knitting and so were only worked on in spare moments while I was out and about.  Most of the first sock was actually knit at the hospital while my nephew was being born.  There were a lot of stitches knit in the wee small hours of the morning while my mother and I sat around waiting for something to happen and everyone else slept.

I was grafting the toe when my brother came out of the operating room carrying his new son.

The second sock was knit mostly on downtime during seated massage gigs and RPGs.  The bulk of the time was spent getting that one finished, since it didn’t have the dedicated seven or so hours of Hurry Up and Wait that the first one did.  If I had it to do over again, I might have added a few stitched to shift the patterning, but overall, I’m happy with them and really relieved that I didn’t have to go to any real trouble to keep them from wildly pooling.

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