I was vaguely aware that it had been A While since I’d posted anything here, but I only just realized that it had been nearly three weeks.  Probably there has been plenty to talk about, but I haven’t had the inclination to sit down and write about it.

Knitting has been a little stagnant.  I’ve been working almost exclusively on a laceweight shawl.  It looks like absolutely nothing right now.  Beyond boring.

(Do you like how I show you anyway?)  The pattern is Jeanne from Through the Loops.  I love the yarn that I’m using–a laceweight version of McClellan from Three Irish Girls, one of my most favoritest yarns ever.  Because the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, I expect my large version of the shawl to turn out somewhat smaller than a large shawl.  I’m starting to suspect that I’m purling the yarn overs wrong, or maybe my needles are too small.  Something, because the other WIPs I’m beginning to see on Ravelry look much more open and lacey, even in their early, unblocked stages.  I don’t have the heart to frog it back, though, so I’m just hoping for the best and telling myself that I’m not making a mistake–I’m creatively interpreting the pattern.

The weather in DC has been amazing for the past few weeks, so a lot of my usual knitting time has been taken up by jogging, riding my bike, walking in to town with my husband, visiting farmers markets, walking along the canal, preparing fresh meals and doing all the things that gorgeous weather inspires me to do.

There were fireworks in Takoma Park with gaming friends on the 4th of July.   Its been a few years since we’ve made a point to see fireworks, and after Disney and the National Mall, it was nice to go back to a small town show.

There were stool races in the parking lot at the massage school while the offices were closed.

(I have lost all ability to take a photo that isn’t at least slightly blurry.  No idea what that’s about.)

Now, we’re getting ready for vacation, to Dublin and Rome.  We leave on Wednesday, so I’m busy trying to decide what knitting projects I want to bring with me.  Socks for the plane, for sure.  I’m thinking maybe something from Cookie’s sock book.  Possibly with some Bugga! from Sanguine Gryphon.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pdxknitterati
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 20:43:20

    Have a great trip! Some good simple knitting for the plane, no beads!


  2. knitredsox
    Jul 12, 2009 @ 02:30:17

    Have a great trip! I’ve been dying to buy some Sanguine Gryphon fiber…yum!


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