FOs: Bellatrix and Halfsies

In between working on my Ulmus (I’m 12 rows into the lace border), I finished two pairs of socks this week.  They seem like they’ve been on the needles forfreakingever, and it felt really nice to get them blocked.

Bellatrix (Rav link) was my first experience with Socks That Rock.  I understand why people love the yarn so much, but its just not my favorite.  I think I like a sock yarn that’s got a little more sproing and isn’t so tightly spun.

The color is Christmas Balls (I don’t see it), and they were knit on two size 1 circs.  I think if the pattern were any different, I would hate the way they pool, but I’m ok with it.  They are loud and crazy and ridiculous, and people seem to either instantly love or hate them.  I think they’re perfect for their intended recipient.

I can’t take full credit for these socks.  My friend Joye knit the one on the right.  Then, she decided she didn’t like the pink (I thought she was aware of that fact long before she started knitting the socks and am not really sure why she bought the yarn) and gave them to me to finish.  They were a little weird for me.  She gave me the needles she used–a set of 4 dpns in US 2.  I always knit my fingering weight socks on a 1, sometimes smaller, and this was pretty thin yarn, so using the 2s was weird, but our gauge matched, so I went with it.  For reasons I’ll never understand, I also stick with using just the 4 needles, when I always knit with 5.  Sets of 4 needles?  Kind of crappy to work with.  These were knit mostly on a wine tour of Williamsburg with our friends Cristina and Matt, and during our Call of Cthulhu game.  They’re too big for me, but they fit Cristina when I had her try them on, so they will go to her if we ever manage to get together again.


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