WIP: Ulmus

This is the shawl that never ends, and I’m starting to think that I’ve lost my mind.  I’ve been counting stitches for days now, anxiously waiting for the time when I can stop knitting the blasted slip stitch pattern (which is just simple enough that I manage to screw it up with regularity) and start the lace border.  Nevermind that I still don’t know which color I want to knit the border in.

Last night, I hit that magical place where I would begin the border for the small sized shawl.  The stitches, without much stretching or spreading, nearly filled my cable and needles.  I counted and double checked and made sure that I really was at a stopping point.

And then I kept knitting.  Four more repeats will give me the medium size, and while the small seems large enough to wrap a baby, a little bigger seems better, and four repeats isn’t really that much, in the scheme of things.

This morning, I’m really starting to question my decision.  The shawl is on the coffee table in a heap with the yarn and the pattern, staring at me, and I’m staring back, and I’m trying to remind myself that it will be worth it in the end.  That the only real reason I want to stop is because new projects are taunting me.

Although.  Its still not too late to turn back.  I only made it a few rows in to the first repeat before I called it a night….

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  1. pdxknitterati
    May 30, 2009 @ 18:39:52

    Yeah, I feel your pain. I’m diligently knitting away on Ishbel, came to a decision point, decided to go big on the lace edging. New projects ideas are screaming in my head, and I can’t start one until I finish this one…



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