February Lady is blocking, and every time I walk past the dining room table, I get excited that I might get to wear it before the weather gets too warm.  Then, I remember that I still don’t have buttons.  I’m thinking that I need something silver, like maybe these or these or these.

I finished spinning some Falklands roving from A Verb for Keeping Warm that’s been sitting around half-spun since something like January.

I washed it last night, and its drying now.  I think its the most well balanced yarn I’ve spun yet, and its amazingly soft.  I’m marveling at how much it fluffed up when it met water.  I wasn’t aiming for any specific weight, but on the bobbin, it looked like a fingering to sport weight, and now its looking much more like a sport to worsted.  I love the colors, which aren’t super accurate in that photo.  They’re much less washed out, and there are more varied shades of green.  I think its destined to be a man’s garment, maybe a hat or scarf, but I have no idea who it belongs to.

And as soon as I cast off the February Lady, I started working on Ms. Marigold.  It looks like absolutely nothing right now.

The yarn is Deliciousness, a Stash Menagerie offering from Three Irish Girls.  Its alpaca, and amazingly soft, if a little sheddy.  Its supposed to be sport weight, but to me it seems closer to fingering, and its got a great handspun style texture to it.  The variations in thickness are making it knit up a little motley looking, but I’m hoping that a good soak will even the stockinette out.

The pattern called for a size 5 needle, but I had to go down to a 2 to get gauge.  I tried with a three and the swatch was nearly an inch too big.  Going down to a two made it about a half inch too small, so I’m going up a pattern size and hoping for the best.

I’m not head over heels in love with the project yet, but that could be because its following up the February Lady, which I enjoyed every second of.

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