Yarn P0rn

Believe it or not, there has been knitting. There has been so much knitting that the Very Pink Sweater is finished. I still haven’t managed to get decent pictures of it, though, so this post is not about that sweater.

The day after I finished with that project was the second annual Homespun Yarn Party.  The crowd was a little intimidating for me (and by a little, I mean that I didn’t even make an attempt to see most of the vendors, and my camera never even left my bag.  I did get to chat with Gryphon of Sanguine Gryphon and meet Sharon of Three Irish Girls and bring home some of their yummy yarn.  And, since I haven’t managed to take any good pictures of any of my current projects, I think that means that we’re due for some yarn p0rn, no?

This is Bella, on Yarn Love’s Charlotte Bronte worsted organic merino.  (It was shelved next to Twilight and I think that is terribly clever.)  I am currently turning it into a February Lady sweater for myself.  (I realize that I may have said something about knitting Ms. Marigold next.  I don’t know what to tell you about that.)

This is Aiden, on Three Irish Girls McClellan fingering, a wool and bamboo blend.  I loved making fingerless mittens from this yarn when it was a club option, and I’m beyond thrilled that it’s being stocked now.  Jason doesn’t like this color.  He says it has too many pukey greens.  I disagree.  I love the teal and brown with the chartreuse, and the way they all get frosty looking on the bamboo base.

(That’s all the 3IG I have to share right now, but their spring collection was posted the other day.  There are 20 new colors and if you’re the sort of enjoys drooling over yarn, you really owe it to yourself to go look. I am particularly taken with Alana, Niall, and Maeve.)

This is Nebula on Gaia Lace from Sanguine Gryphon.  Its a cashmere/silk blend and is going to be some sort of small shawl or lacy scarf.  Yes, it really is as soft as you imagine.

And this is Robberfly on Bugga!  (A merino, cashmere, nylon sock yarn.)  I ordered some of this for Chris for his birthday and almost kept it, so this was my consolation skein.  It is also as soft as you would think, and I am still stunned stupid that Gyrphon voluntarily dyed something pink.

And with that, I am putting myself on a yarn diet for awhile.  (I am not putting a time from to that, because my husband might read this and then he would hold me to it.)


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