Lace? Really?

I’m not sure what made me think that beginning my first full scale lace project was the prescription for not being able to knit anything decently, but that’s what happened.

Its the Adamas Shawl, and I really wish that I could type that without thinking of Battlestar Galactica, which I don’t really even watch.  The yarn is a skein of merino/tencel fingering weight from Three Irish Girls that has been puzzling me for a few months.  I knew the second I saw it (it was a club shipment, and I expected it to be more robin’s egg blue than Tiffany box teal) that it wanted to be something for a baby.  I tried Baby Yours and the BSJ, but it just didn’t hold up to either of those patterns.

When I got it into my head that I wanted to knit a small shawl for my brother’s baby as a receiving blanket (Rob and Ash, if you’re reading, pretend you didn’t just see that), my mind went back to this yarn and I set out to find a pattern that looked easy to adapt to be smaller, and the darling little hearts in this pattern sold me.

I think it took me about the first chart to understand why people get hooked on lace.  Its enchanting and magical, and within what is just about the least badass hobby one can have, lace feels as badass as you can possibly get and that’s a really, really good feeling.

I’m three repeats in to the second chart now (which means its a little bigger than in the picture), and the only question I have left is how many I can do before I need to move on to the third chart.  I know from Ravelry research that if I do 9 repeats, I won’t have enough yarn left to do the last chart properly.  I also know that it gets a little bigger every row, so I can’t really base how much yarn I need on how much I’ve used.  This is probably something I should figure out soon….


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  1. Emilee
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 19:48:48

    That will be beautiful!


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