No progress.

I am starting to suspect rather strongly that I need to go back to the tiny squares.

I finished my handspun hat sometime last weekend. Tried it on. The bind-off was too tight. I ripped that out, tried it on again, and the bottom edge fit, but the rest of the hat? It was kind of a mess. Not floppy enough to be a beret, too floppy to be any other sort of a hat, and generally just unwearable. Everything about it, from the pattern to the gauge, was wrong. Just wrong. It was a fun experiment knitting a hat from the top down and working with my own handspun, and I’ll revisit the project eventually, but right now I don’t have it in me to frog and reknit.

I’ve been working on some Bellatrix socks in Socks that Rock, which have been a lot of fun, but I managed to leave them at the school yesterday, so they’re on hiatus until I can get back there to pick them up. That is particularly irritating because I was nearly finished with the first sock, and it was the only WIP that I’m actually enjoying at the moment. Here is what they looked like a week or so ago:

I’m still plugging along on the Barrow socks that have been in the works since something like August, and I’m completely and totally over them. I just want to have socks, for crying out loud, but there is still at least a repeat and a half of the cable chart to go and then the toe and I’m just really, really glad that I am looking forward to wearing them.

The pink sweater also continues, and I’ve have to rip the sleeves back a few too many times to be having any fun with them. I realized yesterday that I dropped a stitch somewhere and will need to rip back again to fix it.

I put in the neck edging the other night, and felt al accomplished until I tried it on and realized that the sleeves need to be about twice as long as I knit them if I want the sweater to look balanced, and odds are good that I’ll need to rip back the hem and add another inch or two to the length. I guess I should feel lucky that I have the extra yarn to do that with, but mostly I’m annoyed. There are at least two other sweatery type garments that I want to move on to, but I’m making myself finish this one before I get involved in another “big project.”

All in all, I feel like I’m working backwards as much as I’m working forward and its kind of not fun anymore.


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