FO: Koolhaas

In then end, I decided that I was not going to be beaten by a pattern that people managed to complete 2437 times (by Ravelry’s count this morning), and I finished the Koolhaas.  (Then, I learned how to work the self-timer on my camera and took a bad picture of myself wearing it.  I don’t love how I look, but I have to grant that its better than the MySpace style long-arm shot.)

Pattern: Koolhaas, by Jared Flood

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Galenas Merino, in Cinnamon Spice (December 2008 Stash Menagerie)

Needles: Sizes 4 (for ribbing) and 6

I love the finished product.  It is warm and squishy and buttery soft, and I like the way the hand dyed yarn adds depth to the already highly textured fabric.  Galenas is a lot like Malabrigo, and I know what I said before, but I think I’m starting to warm up to the reason everyone likes working with it so much.  My only complaint was that I found at least 4 knots in my skein.  Not tangles, but actual knots, where two ends had been tied together.  Sharon tells me that isn’t normal at all, and I’ve never had that trouble with a 3IG yarn before, but I thought it was interesting.  I’m of the firm belief that my love for the yarn was one of the only things that got me through the project.  (The others were pinot noir and the fact that I refused to be beaten by a pattern that 2437 other people had managed just fine.)

Its good that I love the hat because I had massive, massive hate for this pattern.  (When I started over for the fourth time, I used lifelines.  I totally think that they are cheating, but I needed a security blanket.)  I should point out that this is in no way a fault of the actual pattern.  I still think that Jared’s designs are clever and well written and they really do make total sense.  The fault is entirely my own.  In general, I dislike having to consistently switch between knitting and purling every few stitches.  It slows be down and makes my shoulder hurt.  I also don’t like to live so dangerously as to cable without a cable needle, especially when the cable is so involved that one mistake will screw up the entire pattern, so the cable rounds were super-fiddly.  These are things that I should have considered before I started, but I really liked the way the hat looked and I wanted one, and so I totally disregarded all common sense.

I only cast on 96 stitches, which was 8 less than the pattern called for (or one full pattern repeat).  I still thought that sounded big for my head, but the cables pull the hat in enough that I could have worked as it was written and been fine.  Something interesting happened during the decrease rounds, but I’m not mathematically inclined enough to bother figuring out whether it had to do with the lack of stitches or (and this is far more likely), shoddy knitting on my part.  I started with eight fewer stitches than the pattern called for.  I ended with one fewer stitches than the pattern said I should end with.  Somewhere in the last 9 rounds, I found 7 magic stitches, and I have no idea where.

And, in unrelated news…because people (Pia, I’m looking at you) kept telling me how awesome it was, I went to Georgetown Cupcake the other day to get a treat to celebrate my husband’s new job.  Aren’t the cupcakes darling?

They are (from top left), Red Velvet, Toasted Marshmallow, Carrot and Chocolate, and ohmygod they were seriously the best cakeythings I have ever eaten.  They may become my undoing.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pdxknitterati
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 18:32:40

    Congratulations on your Koolhaas! It looks great, and great on you. I’m tempted by the hat, but it would make my head look like a bowling ball. DH would lose it if I made one for him…wait! A teen! Hmmmm…


  2. M Ward
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 16:57:49

    Beautiful! I need to make mine. I’ve got the pattern and the yarn, I just haven’t put the two together.


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