Not off to a good start.

My first project of the year was meant to be a hat.

This hat, to be precise.  I cast on the other day, and yesterday afternoon sat down to start tackling the cable chart.  I worked for several hours, ripping back twice because my knit/purl two stitch cables kept begging buggered up, finally made some progress, stopped to go massage some clients, came back and worked a little more…and then I spotted my mistake.

It was really the best sort of mistake.  You know the type.  Two and a quarter chart repeats into the hat, you notice a mistake at the beginning of the first chart repeat.  To add insult to injury, you are completely unable to figure out exactly what you did wrong.  Was there a knit when there should have been a purl?  Did something go wrong when the pattern instructed me to relocate my marker to begin the round one stitch off?  I had no idea, but I decided that the mistake seemed only to effect two or three diamonds in the next round up, so I knit a little more.  That was stupid, because upon finishing a few more rows, I realized that while it only effected a few diamonds, the entire pattern was dependent on the latticework lining up, and if one line was off, it screwed up the while bloody hat.

It was the third time I had ripped back the cursed thing, and the pattern was really, really fiddly, and the idea that one misplaced stitch could at any point spell doom for my hat wasn’t an idea that I was comfortable working with.  The pattern felt like X-streme Championship Knitting, and I wasn’t really sure I was ready to tackle something quite that edgy.

At 10:00 last night, watching Supernatural (the season three Christmas special) with my husband, I gave up and cast on for the Amanda Hat instead.  Its a very cute hat and a well written pattern, and within 40 minutes I had forgotten that garter stitch in the round actually does mean you have to purl, ripped back the brim to start over, finished the brim and promptly screwed up the simplest lace pattern ever in the world.

I don’t even know what to say about all of this.  I worked a few rounds on a lace and cable sock without incident, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t meant that I am an incompetent knitter.  Maybe the yarn is cursed.  That would be a shame because it is very, very nice yarn.   Its sitting in a basket, half ripped off the needles, taunting me.

The thing is, I’ve realized that I am attached to the idea of having a Koolhaas.  The pattern is captivating (when it works) and I like the way it looks in general.  I am also taken with the way the single ply yarn shows off the stitches.  But.  I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle such a fiddly pattern, especially one so easily screwed up.  I’m also not sure I’m ready to be defeated by a pattern that eleventy-million people on Ravelry were perfectly capable of knitting.

This may all take some thought.


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  1. pia
    Jan 07, 2009 @ 19:51:06

    I made the Koolhaus for my husband this summer (overnight sailing, he needed a warm hat) and I hated every minute and every stitch of that hat and I managed to mess up the cable halfway up and refused to pull back. He didn’t care, but I still look at the hat spitefully whenever he wears it.
    (and ps, go to Georgetown Cupcake!!!)


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