Things What Spin

Things that go round and round seem to be the theme of the week.

Over the past two nights, I spent some quality time at the spinning wheel and turned half of this:

Into this:

I’m going for a worsted weight yarn, and even though I have no bloody clue what I’m doing, chances look good that I will get close to what I want.  (Through no fault of my own, I’m sure.)  The second half of the roving is a darker red, so I’ll spin it separately and then ply them together.  After the roving that I’ve been learning with, the BFL is like spinning butter.  I love it, even if it does pull apart on me every ten minutes.

Today, I cleaned the bedroom and as a reward when I was finished, I set up the ball winder and swift that Jason got me for Christmas.  How have I lived this long without them??  When I got my nostepinne, I was all about how it was as high tech as I needed to be.  Ha!  Quaint and traditional is nice and I’m sure I’ll still use it for small bits of handspun, but I’m here to tell you: that winder and swift are at least as fun and cool as Jason’s Xbox and personally, I find them way more enchanting.  In about fifteen minutes, I wound the yarn for the hat I want to make for myself (As an aside, I was a little late to the party and missed that the Koolhaus hat was named for an architect and inspired by his design in the Seattle Central Library and spent some time digging around and reading about him and have decided that he’s pretty cool.  See?  Knitting is educational–even if it doesn’t teach you to avoid run on sentences!), the yarn for the sweater I want to knit for the niece or nephew who I’ll get to meet in July, and and a skein of yarn for my sweater so that I’ll have one ready to go when the current ball runs out.  In fifteen minutes, and that includes a small snafu with the first yarn, while I worked out the mechanics of getting everything to stay where it needed to be and not get all wound up around the gearish bits.   It wasn’t pretty, but I got it figured out and am still thrilled to pieces.


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