FO: Turn a Square

Pattern: Turn a Square, by Jared Flood

Yarn: Berocco Ultra Alpaca and Noro Silk Garden

Needles: US sizes 5 and 6 (probably I should have used 4s and 5s)

I absolutely love how this turned out.  I’m glad I made the decision to work from the outside of the ball of Noro and not the inside, which was very nearly black, and let the brighter stripes be lower and larger.  My final verdict on alpaca is that I really, really like it–or, at least, I like that alpaca.  Further research will need to be done before I form further opinions.  To that end, the Lana d’Oro at Stitch DC has been taunting me.

I still need to steam the decrease seams, so that the lie more smoothly, and when (when, not if) I make another, I’ll be sure to switch to dpns sooner.  The only set I had was a set of four and they were aluminum, and I didn’t want to use them, so it put it off a little too long.  That resulted in some laddering where I tried to keep the decreases tight once the yarn was stretched too far across the circular needle.

Even on a big head, this hat is huge.  It should be a lesson to me on why we must swatch.  You can see how low it sits on me.  I have an unusually small head.  (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.)  If it actually pull it down snug against my hair, it covers my eyes.  On test subjects who have larger noggins, it fits more properly, but I still think I should have gone down a needle size.  (I always have to go down two needle sizes.  What possessed me to only drop down one AND not swatch is beyond my grasp.

I actually thought for awhile that I was going to remake it altogether, but I made my brother try it on and decided to trust his judgement.  He is young, relatively picks about what he thinks “looks dumb,” frequently wears hats, and has a head of the approximate size and shape that I imagine the intended recipient’s to be.  It was possible to fold the ribbing up for a more shallow hat, but it fit comfortably and looked good enough on him without any fussing that I called it done.


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