No Name Post #1

1. The new Twist Collective is up. I need to have this sweater immediately. I am on eBay right now, looking at lots of Cascade 220. This cannot end well.

2. I have started knitting Turn a Square. As always, it is weird to be working on needles that aren’t for socks. Once I break a 3, I feel like I’m holding tree trunks. The lady at the yarn shop talked me into replacing Cascade 220 with alpaca. I was totally dubious at first, and may have muttered some impolite things about her, but not that I’m several inches in, I’m in love. (In the interest of honesty, I’m a little worried that maybe my gauge is a little loose, and that I should have gone down more needle sizes. I did put the whole thing on scrap yarn yesterday, and it seemed to be okay, so we’ll see what happens.)

3. Alpaca is really freaking warm. Just having my hands in it while I knit makes them hot. This bodes wither really, really well for the FO, or really badly. It is also a little sheddy. I wonder if that will get annoying when someone tries to wear it.

4. I have no idea who this hat is even for. I have several recipients in mind, but can’t decide who wold be most likely to wear a hat at all, and who would most appreciate a handknit.

5. I really wish that the entire internet had Ravelry’s “ears burning” feature, so that all I had to do was type someone’s name with a little bit of code, and they would get an email and know to come running and answer me.

6. eBay was a bust. Webs has it. $78. Knit Picks, it is. And I need to get ready for work. Walking away from the computer is probably a good thing.


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