Frogged. Again.

Anyone remember that sock I ripped out a month ago?  The one that I reknit in plain stockinette because the patterning made it just too ugly for words?

Turns out it was the yarn, and not the pattern.

I was knitting along yesterday, all the way down to the decreases for the toe, and all of a sudden, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  I hated it.  I hated the colors.  I hated the way they were pooling.  I hated the way the toe decreases looked and how long the heel flap was and the very idea that I still had to knit another whole sock made me want to cry.

It seemed wrong somehow to give a gift of knitting that I didn’t enjoy creating even a little bit, and given that knitting is something that is meant to make me happy, it seemed silly to keep knitting something that so clearly did not.

And so, the lesson here is: No matter how much a person might like a garment knitted in a particular yarn or color or whatever, if you are going to hate working with it, its probably not the best thing to make.  And also?  Come to terms with the fact that you hate the sock before you get to the toe.

(Luckily, this little revelation happened on the way to the yarn shop, where new and improved yarn was procured.  Things are back on track.  There will be pictures later.)


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