The Yarn Made Me Do It.

Earlier this week, the October Sock Yarnista shipment arrived, and I was smitten with the yarn the second I unwrapped it. I think its my most favorite colorway ever. (I know. I say that every time.) But seriously, look at this yarn.

(This is not my photo–its the stock photo that Sharon took for the club page; copyright is hers. The yarn is McClellan Fingering, a merino/bamboo blend. Colorway is Lewis, a club exclusive color.)

Do you see how rich and varied and warm and subtle and yummy is it?

I thought so, anyway, and decided instantly that it was too pretty to be hidden inside of shoes. I set the yarn on my desk next to last months skein so that they could be friends (and because I’m all out of room in my little sock yarn tub) and I could admire it. And it started whispering to me. It wanted to be a scarf–no, gloves, no! Fingerless mittens, so that it could be worn inside and out.

I ignored it because I am already working on three pairs of socks and a scarf and anyway, both pairs of my size one circs had projects on them.

The yarn did not care.

First, it got indignant, wondering how I could possibly just leave it–clearly, a superior yarn–there to sit while I worked on boring projects that I wasn’t even enjoying. Then, it got tricksy. It reminded me that my hands were cold, and they were just going to get colder, and did I really want to wait until after Christmas to have warm hands.

Well….no. No, I didn’t.

Then, it pulled the tricksiest trick of them all. It said, “Wind me.” It seemed innocent enough, winding the yarn into a ball. I could see how it really felt. I should have realized that I was in for trouble when I wound the skein without taking a picture for my Ravelry stash page. And sure enough, you know what happens to yarn once you wind it. Its just the natural order of things. Resistance is futile

So, yeah. I’m making these.  I’m almost finished with the first cuff, and wondering if I shouldn’t make it longer.  Pictures to follow, when they won’t make me late for work.


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