Way back in May, Jason’s father gave him tickets for a schooner cruise for his birthday and so yesterday, we went sailing, an incredibly chilly event that made me realize that I need to stop knitting socks for long enough to make some other cold weather gear. My feet were the only thing that stayed warm yesterday.

We left from a marina in Annapolis, cruised around the bay, and went for a little restaurant called Cantler’s to have crabs for lunch. Dad has worked on boats for most of my life, and when I was little, we lived at a boat yard. My best friend’s family was from DC, but had a slip there, and I spent a lot of time on their boat, a few times going on overnight trips, which was awesome. Since then, I’ve only had a few chances to spend any real amount of time on a sailboat, and I always forget how much I love it.

I realized yesterday, to my great amusement, that part of the reason I like it so much was because people have been sailing forever, and its still done basically the same way its always been…which is kind of the same reason I love knitting and spinning.

One of the crew, who I totally meant to leave my card with, is also a knitter, and was admiring my socks (which she wants to learn to make), and also my MacGyver-style work using some aluminum dpns as hair sticks after Jason had to borrow my hair tie.


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