Three months.

Christmas is three months away, and that isn’t enough time.

Every time I open Ravelry, I think of one more thing that I want to make for someone, nevermind that some of those people probably wouldn’t appreciate a hand knit gift. Before I can start on them, I have some other secret deadline knitting to get through, and the second Ravelympics sock (which is, consequently, Christmas knitting), and I really just need to take a breath, stop drooling over the container of sock yarn that is taunting me, and realize that planning for more than a few knitted gifts is just not going to happen. And, that if even a few are going to happen, I need to actually focus and, yanno, knit on them.

I’m making strides towards that goal by knitting on my Barrow sock. A sock that is for me, and not a gift.

And also, spinning some sort of mystery fiber that Christine passed along to me. I can’t believe how much easier it is to spin fiber that isn’t merino–I can finally spin without having to drop and park.

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