Nothing to see here.

1. I finished the first of my Ravelympics socks.  They are just as ugly as ever, and I am trying not to think about needing to knit a second one.  I’m giving myself a break and knitting something I really love before I finish them.  Clearly, this means that I lose and Ravelympics.

2. I’m ripping out the heel on the toe up socks, adding an inch to the foot, and trying the heel again.  I suspect that the pattern I was using makes it more fiddly than it needs to be, so I’m going to consult one of Wendy’s patterns to see if she does it differently.  I still think that the yarn is beautiful and happy and I can’t understand why everyone I’ve shown it to hates it.

3.  My August Sock Yarnista shipment came yesterday.  I won’t post any more details until more people have gotten their yarn (I have to love loving a few zip codes away from the dyer), but I am beyond thrilled.  The yarn base is new for Three Irish Girls, but I feel like I’ve seen it someplace before.  Its sproingy, like Gryphon’s Sea Sock, but not nearly as silky, and has just slightly more halo than something like Louet Gems.  The pattern that came with it is beyond gorgeous, but its too intricate to use with the highly contrasting hand painted color way I ordered.  I have no idea what I’m doing with the yarn, but the pattern has jumped to the top of my mental queue.

4. I’ve kind of spaced on the whole Summer of Socks business, despite the fact that I’ve knit almost nothing but socks all summer, but on Friday I noticed that my picture of Darth Maul holding my sock made it into the Socks on Vacation contest voting.  It closes tomorrow at noon EST, so you should take a look at the set and vote (preferably for the Sith and his Sock), even if you’re not part of the knitalong.  To vote, send a blank e-mail to summerofsocks at gmail dot com with the subject containing only the number of the photo you want to vote for. Leave the rest of the e-mail blank.


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