I am being taunted.

Since I kind of went on a yarn buying bender a few weeks ago, I am on a self-imposed yarn buying hiatus until at least September. I should have remembered that the more I tell myself I can’t do something, the more I want to.

I’ve been good, though. New Yarn Pirate colorways? No thank you. Spirit Trail Fibers 60% off sale? I clicked, I looked, I walked away. I even went in to the yarn store earlier this week to return yarn and didn’t come out with anything in its place. Not the semisolid navy blue Koigu that would have been perfect for some of the patterns in my queue. Not the handspun Mongolian cashmere. (Okay, so it was $41 a hank, and never really something I was going to buy, but wow was it soft.) Kint Picks sock yarn samplers? Not even a temptation. Blue Moon Fiber Arts discontinuing one of the colors I’ve been meaning to get? I was strong.

But this morning, I got an email from Jimmy Bean’s Wool (awesome store, by the way) about possum sock yarn and it is about to be my undoing. Sock yarn! From possums! Well, 20% of it is from possum and the rest of mohair but mohair is wonderful in its own right, and come on! Possums!

It wasn’t enough for them to list possum yarn when I’m not allowed to buy yarn. No. They had to list possum yarn that’s only available every few years while I’m not allowed to buy yarn. I tried to be optimistic, and believe that JBW only stocks the yarn every few years, but from the looks of Cherry Tree Hill’s site, it really just isn’t available that often.

My husband has been trying to helpfully point out that I have plenty of sock yarn that I love. (This is true.) He has reminded me that I am currently working on a baby sweater and two pairs of socks. (He forgot about the scarf under the coffee table, and the Ravelympics socks I’ll start next weekend.) He has pointed out that if I keep getting new, exciting yarn, I will keep starting new exciting projects and ever finish anything. (He knows me well.) Even more reasonably, he has told me that buying more yarn will not make me feel any better about anything. (I don’t think he gets it.)


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  1. M Ward
    Aug 08, 2008 @ 13:30:49

    Wow. You got a lot farther than me. I saw the new Yarn Pirate gotham and I already have it sitting at home. No self-restraint here!


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