Evidently, casting on a bunch of projects in quick succession leads to my hating them all.

I’ve turned the heel and am almost through with the gusset decreases on the popsicle sock, and I’m just not sure I like it. Maybe my gauge isn’t quite right, or maybe my ankles are just too small, but the way that the sock lays on my foot just seems….lumpy. Or something. I’m going to keep knitting in hopes that once the decreases are finished all will be right with the world, and besides, I really think the way the ribs melt off the top of the foot is cool and I want to make it happen. But there’s a very real possibility that I’m going to knit an entire sock and then rip the whole thing out.

On Friday, I realized that I didn’t have any travel knitting. In a slight panic (because I needed to be out the door soon but knew I was going to have time to kill when I went to the theater by myself), I wound a hank of sock yarn and started a plain old stockinette sock. I love the yarn (I finally understand all the fuss about Lorna’s Laces) and I love the colorway, but I don’t love the way the sock is knitting up. It isn’t pooling, exactly, but the green is flashing in weird little three row patches at sort of the eleven and and five o’clock positions. I’m trying to be all zen about it and just accept it as a quality of the yarn, but really, its just making me batty. My only real solutions are to knit from both hanks at once and alternate or break the yarn every few rows, which effectively takes away its portable status, knit on 0s which I don’t want to do, or….I don’t know what. Use a different pattern.

At least I still love the chevron scarf.


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