This is why I play with yarn…

…and not wood.

I tried to make a yarn swift this weekend, following Crafty Diversions’ excellent tutorial. By tried to make, I mean that I went to the hardware store and walked in circles, trying to find all of the supplies, and then went home and spent a lot of time on my balcony sanding and sawing and calling my husband away from his video game to hold something or to get the saw to work because I evidently am not strong enough to cut a 2×1 piece of poplar with a handsaw.

I got everything ready to be assembled….and discovered that the drill isn’t charging. That was on Sunday, and it still hasn’t held a charge.

By the end of Sunday, I had gotten myself so jazzed up to wind sock yarn that I decided to just wind the ball completely by hand, the way I always had before. This is what I wound up with:

The real irony? I decided I didn’t want to knit socks with it after all.

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