‘Vog this.

My knitting makes me feel stupid on a regular basis. I’m used to it, and its something I’ve come to terms with it.

But knitting does not usually make me feel quite so stupid as the second ‘Vog On sock is making me feel. If the pattern were any simpler, it would be stockinette. Its a four row lace pattern over 28 stitches, and two of the rows are all knit. Somehow, I keep finding myself with one too few stitches on a needle. I had no trouble with the first sock, but this one? Is consistently wrong.

Earlier today, in a fit of frustration, I pulled two whole needles out to try and rip back a row, totally not stopping to think that, yanno–its not such a good idea with lace. Even simple lace.

And so I broke my sock.

I tried to pick up the stitches, but that only made it worse. I swore a lot. I threw it, and that made me feel a little better, but didn’t do anything to resolve the actual issue. I tried to console myself by baking cookies, but I broke the pan. (No joke. I’m not sure what happened, but I was using an air bake pan, and Something Happened inside the air part between the two sections of pan and the the whole thing inflated like a balloon, making my cookies look like a Dali painting and also dumping cookie dough onto the bottom of the oven to burn and set off all the smoke alarms.)

Once the pan issue was resolved and I’d eaten a cookie or two (no, really, its only been two), I came back to fix it. I think I have the sock in a place where I can keep going without having to rip it all the way back to the heel flap, but I’m waiting to see how the lace pattern lines up.

Of course, I just did my first round to try it out, and now I have one too many stitches on a needle.


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  1. Christine
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 21:45:40

    Isn’t lace annoying?


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