Light Saber Cozy?

Huh?, originally uploaded by autumnbriars.

I’m pretty sure that it is bad form to laugh at a Dark Lord of the Sith, but I couldn’t help myself. Hollywood Disney was hosting Star Wars weekend, and when I saw Darth Maul standing there, posing for pictures and signing autographs, I couldn’t resist.

Jason thought it was as brilliant of an idea as I did, so I marched over and stood in line. He had evidently just come out, so the line in front of us wasn’t very long. I remembered as I watched him pose with children and sign autographs that he didn’t speak. I’m here to tell you that did nothing to dampen his expression of absolute incredulousness when I marched up to him and asked if he would please hold the sock I had been knitting for a picture.

He looks at the yarn. And he looks at me. He’s wearing those creepy red and black theatrical contacts with the yellow iris’. He looks at the yarn. Nothing. I think he’s waiting for me to tell him I’m kidding. You don’t ask the Sith to hold happy stripey wooly things. You fear them.

“Please?” I say. “Look how happy it is. Don’t you want to get some Dark Side on it?”

He looks between me and the sock again.

“You can look disgusted with it.”

So he finally takes it, and I swear he was struggling to keep a straight face the entire time. We finish with the pictures, and he starts inspecting it, as is shown here. Turning it around, looking more closely at the pattern. And then he opens it up and looks through it like a telescope. I thought I was going to die.


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  1. pdxknitterati
    Jul 03, 2008 @ 05:19:41

    That is an awesome picture. I’m sure you made his day, and he had stories to tell when he got home!


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