Not the same.

Not the same., originally uploaded by autumnbriars.

I’m about an inch away from finishing the leg of the second sock, and I’ve just bothered to pull out the first one to compare and found out that the cables are different. I’ve already ripped out the sock once for the same reason, but I thought I had fixed it. Either I went right back to doing what I had done the first time, or my fix wasn’t right.

I agonized about it for awhile, and then I decided something. Screw it. (That’s not actually what I decided, but what I actually decided was, as the Harlot would say, unbecoming of a knitter.)

They aren’t so different that the mistake jumps out at you, and really, how often does a person inspect socks side by side once they’re on a pair of feet? Or, if you want less logic, and nice creative pattern-based rationalization, these are the Bruce Wayne socks, so they’re kind of like he and Batman–the same….but not quite.

Does anyone remember that episode of Roseanne, when the actress who played Becky got replaced, and the new person just walked into the room like nothing was unusual and everyone called her Becky even though they really didn’t look anything alike? And at the end of the show, they did a little song and dance number with both actresses so that everyone could laugh about it, and then they never spoke of it again?

No? Just me?

This blog post is kind of like that show. I’m putting both of the socks out there so we can all have a good chuckle about how Jessi can count to 6, but can’t remember from one sock to the next what she was supposed to be counting to. And then, we’ll never speak of it again.


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  1. Christine
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 13:06:35

    Speak of what?


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