Jordana Paige: Bella

Jordana Paige: Bella, originally uploaded by autumnbriars.

I keep forgetting to mention that I ordered a Jordana Paige bag. I’m pretty thrilled with it. The pictures on her site are prettier than mine, but I;ll share an actual photo of the actual bag, just because I know when I was shopping, I really wanted to see “action shots.”

The good: I love that it has two separate sections, so that my yarn doesn’t have to either be stored in a ziplock or tangled up with my keys. The center zippered section is great, and replaces the makeup pouch I used to store all my little things for easy access. The fabric is soft by feels durable, and it has little metal feet to keep it off the ground when I set it down. I was worried that the round handles would cut into my shoulder, but they’re actually kind of cushioney, and they’re just long enough that the bag rests at my waist in the little space above my hip. The handles drawstring the bag closed, so there are no sippers to get my yarn (or hair) hung up in.

I really wanted a big bag, that could hold my purse stuff and my knitting and my lunch, but I’m a pretty small person, so its easy for big bags to overwhelm me. This one falls nicely in the middle, and holds just enough. Plus, the green lining is just darling.  (Inside pictures are here.)

The not so great: There are no deal breakers about this bag for me, but there are a few things I might have done differently. Since the handles move freely, they spin around after awhile, The stitching where they’re sewn together to form their loops is a little sloppy, so I find myself having to spin them back around to hide the ugly stitching. Not a big deal for me, but I feel like it could be dne more nicely, and of you’re really Type A, it might big you. The snap, which is magnetic, pulls at the fabric of the strap when I use it, and I’m a little worried about it eventually tearing. I assume this is something that would have been tested before the bag went up for sale, so I’m probably worried over nothing. The little slots along one side are great for holding my cell phone and iPod, but I’d like to see a few that are a little wider, to hold, say, a square tape measure, or a little taller to hold my dpns. As it is, the pockets are too narrow or most things, and short enough that my dpns get knocked out.

I’m still deciding how I feel about the center divider. I think maybe its just the way it needs to be in order for the bag to bunch closed, but I also think it might be nice to have it a little taller, to make the halves of the bag more separate and harder for the things to co-mingle.

I think as bags go, though, its pretty perfect and I’m really happy that I decided to order one.


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