Top Down Raglan

I’ve been knitting on a baby sweater for no reason other than that my last, failed attempt at a baby sweater was taunting me, and the yarn looked so pretty and soft. The pattern that I’m using is a raglan, knit top down, and I’ve just started on the first sleeve after casting off the body.

I’m pretty happy with it, and the whole time I’ve been knitting, I haven’t been able to stop wondering: Why the hell would anyone ever knit a raglan sweater in pieces? First of all, the seaming. Who wants to seam when they don’t have to? Second of all, its easier to fit. If I had a small wriggling thing, I could try the sweater on as I went to see if it fit. Third of all? The seaming. Everything being in one piece means nothing has to match and be puzzled together later so that you can try to sew it together. Operative word being tried because even though you measured the pieces five times and they were the same size when you finished them, when you go back to put them together, one of them has suddenly, magically grown an inch and a half.

Seriously, is there a reason to knit sweaters in pieces? Any benefit at all?

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