Poor planning.

Last night, I finished what had become my traveling sock, and I was a little distressed this morning when I realized that I had two hours to kill at work and nothing to knit. I didn’t want to fuss with my Vog Ons because I’ve been having enough trouble keeping them straight. I have a feather & fan scarf that I’ve taken a tiny break from while I try to figure out if I like it, but I realized that I’ve already let the pattern repeats fall out of my head and I couldn’t find where I had written them down.

Out of options, I grabbed the supplies to start the second sock, figuring that I could at least cast on and do the cuff

I got here and realized that there several flaws in my plan

First, I had 16 live stitches to contend with before I could have my needles back. I’m worried that I won’t have enough yarn to finish and will have to frog back and do the heels and toes in plain black (I am horrified by this possibility.), so I can’t kitchener the toes yet. I strongly considered using paper chopstick sleeves as waste yarn, but at the last minute decided that a tiny crochet hook and the giant safety pin holding my stitchmarkers would make better temporary stitch holders

Disaster adverted, I cast on for the second sock. I knitted the first round, and then decided, for some reason, to look at my notes. And discovered that the pattern I had written down for the cuff was not the same as the cuff had knit. My notes advise me to knit an inch of 2×2 rib, but the actual sock has a cable that starts almost right away. In a pinch, I’m sure that I could knit a tiny cable without an extra needle, but not without knowing where the cable starts or what its mechanics are, and since the cabley bits are from a pattern in a book, I didn’t write that part down.

And so I’m back to nothing to knit and that makes me very antsy.


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