My husband and I have been watching old episodes of Lost, and we’re almost caught up. I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I saw that the show doesn’t make any damn sense, and just when you think it does? You find out that you were wrong.

As a general rule, I see TV Time as Knitting Time and pretty much can’t sit through anything longer than a standard set of commercials without picking up my needles. This is usually fine. Lately, though, I have been learning that this is hazardous. Shows like Lost have a whole lot of “What the crap???” moments. And those few moments when you are distracted by trying to figure out what the hell is going on (or, let’s be honest, by Sawyer taking advantage of an opportunity to exercise his hotness) are a really, really great time to, say, forget all about that last little yarn-over in your pattern repeat.

Last night, I lost track of how many times I came up one stitch too short on my lace rows on account of being too invested in the show. So far, I’ve been able to fix things by creatively adding in the missing stitch, which I feel certain will spell disaster later on, but I can’t bring myself to rip the socks out a third time. (Yes. It took three tries to start. Often it does.) In the meantime, perhaps I should keep my hands busy with something like stockinette until Lost is over.


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  1. pia
    May 28, 2008 @ 20:35:01

    Ahhhh! My fiance’ and I just caught up this week (after watching back to back episodes for the last two months or so). I concur. That show is totally nuts.


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